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You know the days when you want to watch a movie, but you have no idea which one. Either you can’t choose or there are nothing that looks interesting. The other way around you don’t want to read a lots of reviews and waste time on that either, so in the end you don’t watch […]

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When everything gets answered, it’s fake-Sean Penn Director Christopher Nolan, has here made an extraordinary movie. Even from the beginning, we are not sure what is reality, and what is a dream. Headaches are bad, but sometimes they come from great things. Surely you will get a headache from this movie, it is so more […]

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Earth to Echo-New and classic

On first sight, this movie could be a complete copy of E.T. it is mostly, but then again, not really. The movie has a little twist that makes it interesting to watch, if you like alternative ways of point of view. The whole movie is taking by a handhold camera. And it WORKS.
The plot itself is not amassing, many things have you seen before, but it is a fun movie. Even though we have seen many things before we are not bored by it.

You will stumble upon some things that are wrong, if you think a bit about the thing they do. They are riding around on their bicycles for most of the night plus they use two hours asking questions to Echo, and still they manage to ride about 30-40 miles in one night, (oh and they also have to look for his brother at the party which appear to take some time to. I know that movies aren’t always the most realistic, but still this would probably have taken some days.

Overall this is a good movie. If you need something relaxing, but you don’t want to fall asleep, I will highly recommend “Earth to Echo”

Earth to echo

Now everybody…

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