Songs of the Earth-Elspeth Cooper

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”-Michael Scoot.

Gair has a special gift, he can hear the “song of the earth” which he can use to control the things around him, what some might call magic. He is escaping from the holy city with a strange man named Alderan, with a death sentence on his head. Because he can use magic, which is not allowed. So he is teaming up with Alderan to find the guardians of the veil, a nearly extinct group of people with the gift to hear the song.
That is in short terms start of the story.
What made me want to read a book that mostly, sounds like any other fantasy book? A little that it had been a while since I read a good fantasy book so I wanted to give it a try, and then our main characters name. Gair, the first thing I thought of was Greek mythology. Lately I have read most of the books about Percy Jackson, and has become quite interested in the Greek mythology. So when I read Gair, it hit me that it probably was associated with the Greek’s goddess name Gaia- the earth and mother to all gods, titans and giants.
Most of the story makes good senses, but something can also be a little confusing. If you are as me and can just read over the words and sometimes forget some of them but still understand the meaning, then there will be moments when you will scramble the names (or so did I) cause some of the names do look a lot like each other.
The story is mostly chronicle all the way through, but sometimes there will be chapters with persons that has nothing (yet) to do with the main story (which is a good thing or it will be boring), but there were times when had no idea what I was reading about, and I hope a lot, that it will make sense in some of the next books in the series.

Some say that it is just as good as Patrick Rothfuss’ kingkiller chronicles. It do not think it is, it has more the style of Eragon. It is more like an original story than The Kingkiller chronicles. Said so it is still a well-written story, which should easily catch your attention and your time. The two next books are also published so you do not have to wait for years like those that you have to with other series (which is a huge plus).

In most fantasy book, our hero always have a girlfriend (or a crush) which always is quite out of reach but always in sight. But of course something happens so it doesn’t work out (without saying too much, you will maybe still be surprised) so it has all the aspects of a normal popular fantasy novel. If we are going to be so boring to give it stars, I would probably give it 4 out of 5, but I do not give stars so let us forget that.


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The fault in our stars

“Because sometimes in life, Ken didn’t always choose Barbie”-Rachel Gibson

Have just finished the book every teenage girl talks about.
A friend of mine talked a lot about it. I must say I could not really understand what she saw in in, and that was only because I thought it was to sugar-sweet, especially for me when I am a boy who reads a lot of fantasy, with dragons and magic.
It is mostly just like any other romantic novel. The handsome boy with nearly or no flaws fall in love with the girl who is everything but perfect, in the end though we see that none of them are perfect and they both have tremendous flaws.
When I first saw the book, I laughed a little. After I had read the first two chapters, I knew it would not take long to read. My expectations was not a huge book, but a book that would be hard to read, for a boy who just really started to read books in English, not that I am bad, but most of my life I have read books in my own language. But it was not, I took me about 5-6 to read the 315 pages.
It was well written, it was sad, and funny, but the only thing that really made me read it to the end (in addition to that I never stop reading a book, or that some said I couldn’t read it to the day after, when I still needed 200 pages) was that it had lot’s of metaphors, which they also mention a lot in the book. When you read it you begin to think about stuff that makes absolutely no sense to think about. Like can infinity be bigger than another infinity. The answer to that question must be yes. We now there are theoretically an infinite numbers between 0 and 1, but the infinity must be bigger when it is between 0-2. This is an example they use in the book, of the thing we never think about, or some are mad enough to think about, which is a little wierd.
But if you should read it, after my experience with it, there are somethings to decide. If you like, a good love story that is a little sugar-sweet, then, yes you should read it. If you are to the fantasy books with people getting killed and magical creatures, then no. and last, if you think of questions no one ever will ask you, then you can actually enjoy it, which I kind of did. But it will not be a book I will return to a lot, it was nice but not amazing.

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