A new beginning Jim

So i have not wrote anything in a long time. But now i thought it was time to give it a try again, and see if i can keep writing post on this blog.

Even though i haven’t wrote, anything doesnt mean i don’t read. I have read many books in the last half year, so it shouldn’t be a problem to find things to write about. But it is. It is hard to read the newest books, that are getting a lot of attention, for me, because I live in Denmark and I’m not the fastest one to get ordered the new bestsellers home. So I will chance a little bit over to any type of books, or movie for that matter. Many will be classics or old books that may have been forgotten by anyone else than our parents.

if there are any suggestions to what books I should read, please join in. Then I can waste money or time on the bad books. Then you don’t have to…

And I will still try to put quotes in the post, mostly for my own joy, but you may enjoy them yourself.


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