Movie list

You know the days when you want to watch a movie, but you have no idea which one. Either you can’t choose or there are nothing that looks interesting. The other way around you don’t want to read a lots of reviews and waste time on that either, so in the end you don’t watch anything but go to bed instead. If you was insisting on watching a movie you would probably have found something in the end, and you have probably just found some homemade list, which some dude has made over the top ten movies he have ever watched or something like that. So know I will not to waste your time anymore do the same. My own top five list over movies I think are good and I hope that I can choose some that you have not seen. There is no chronicle order, it is just movies that I think you will enjoy watching. There is no special genres it’s just a little mix of everything.

The first on my list is the movie “jumper”. Which is about the young guy who finds out he can teleport, so for many years he has an amazing life, but then he finds out that there are an organization that hunts people like him and kills them.


Second is “the social network” which is about the founder of facebook Mark Zuckerberg, and the beginning of facebooks. It is no way near a documentary but actually quite fun and also a little interesting.

The social Network

The third is “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” it is a mix between action and romance. The married couple mr and mrs smith’s relationships isn’t going so good. For five years have they keept it a secret to each other that they both are secrets agent. So after they are send on the same mission, by each of their agency’s they are going to hunt each other down. They quickly finds out that they still love each other and then they team up to save themselves.

mr and mrs smith

The four on the list is “the Pursuit of happyness”. I think this is will smiths best movie to date. He is a broke man, living alone with his kid after his wife left him. They live on the streets, and are completely miserable. So he is taking an internship in a huge stockbroker company, and in the same way trying to make a living by selling some medical machine which no one wants to buy.

pursuit of hapines

The fifth is “the perks of being a wallflower” is about this boy who doesn’t have any friends, and have tried to commit suicide, and then he starts at college. So it’s the story of an outsider and the weird friends he gets, and the problems he have. I mostly watched it because of Emma Watson, but it is an amazing movie.

the perks of being a wallflower


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