When everything gets answered, it’s fake-Sean Penn

Director Christopher Nolan, has here made an extraordinary movie. Even from the beginning, we are not sure what is reality, and what is a dream. Headaches are bad, but sometimes they come from great things. Surely you will get a headache from this movie, it is so more complex than any movie I ever watched. Some will think they understand the movie when they see it the first time, they are wrong. If you like it the first time, then watch it again, because you will not understand it all the first time.

Movies makes you interested in something, it can be anything, and documentaries. One special scene really caught my attention. Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is looking for a new “architect” so he finds the girl, Adrianne (Ellen Page). But he needs to test her, to know she can do the job. So he ask her to draw a labyrinth that Will take her 1 minute to draw, and 2 min for him to solve. And know how is that even possible. It is a movie so it is probably not true, but it still makes me think. Not only about how to draw a labyrinth, really just how to solve a complicated problem.

If you do not have the slightest piece of imagination, then you will have a hard time to keep track of what is going on and on what dream, you are in, and it will probably not help watch it a second time if you have no clue what it was about the first time.

Even so, try it if you have not watched it yet. It is an amazing movie, with amazing actors.


Now everybody


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