Wolf of the Plains- By Conn Iggulden

History will be kind to me for I intend to write it- Winston S. Churchill

Some People like Novels, and some people like History (and some does not like either of them, but that is not the point). Conn Iggulden have managed to perfectly mix those to, in his amassing series “Genghis Khan- Conquer of the world”.
It follows Genghis Khans live from the beginning to the end, and his family who rules after him. I do not know enough about the history of Genghis Khan to say how much is true and how much he made up, but you never get the feeling that you are reading a made up story.
it is not only a inside look at Genghis Khan’s life, the person nearest him are just as much main characters as himself. People today remember him as a conquer and brutal man who would give anything for victories. And he was that to, but in the book he is more than that. He is righteous.
Even if you think history is boring I will say you should go down to the nearest library and borrow the first book (wolf of the plains). It has a little slow start, but there are some amassing things in the beginning of Genghis Khan’s life. If you still think the history of the worlds greatest conquer is boring, and not anything of what you think is interesting, then you have my condolences, because history can in its best moments, be just as fascinating as a good Novel.


Now everybody…


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